Dangkal Gwo'yal-wa
First Nations Land and Water Management Forum 2024

Acknowledging the Traditional Owners

The Forum will be held on the lands of the Larrakia people. We have worked in partnership with the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation in the planning and facilitation of the event, on behalf of the National Indigenous Australians Agency, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation.

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August 27 - 29, 2024 | Darwin Convention Centre

Healthy Country, Healthy Water, Healthy Community

The Australian Government is pleased to present the 2024 First Nations Land and Water Management Forum (Dangkal Gwo'yal-wa) Forum (the Forum) to be held on Larrakia Country (Darwin), bringing together First Nations land and water managers from across Australia to celebrate and showcase their achievements looking after Country.

In Larrakia, Dangkal Gwo’yal-wa means Strong Country and this forum focuses on keeping our land and water Country strong by preserving these unique resources through the effective management of Country.

The Dangkal Gwo’yal-wa First Nations Land and Water Management Forum will also be an opportunity for delegates to:

  • build networks with each other and government representatives 
  • share and celebrate First Nations unique cultures and knowledge
  • strengthen Indigenous land and water management sector governance and ownership 
  • enhance land and water management practices
  • enhance learning opportunities and build organisational capacity and capabilities, and
  • initiate partnerships that progress land and water management programs.

Topic streams include:

  • Learning from old ways (Culture)
  • Embracing the new ways (Technology)
  • Sharing knowledge (Collaboration)
  • Looking to our future (Planning)

Presentations will be in the form of:

  • Keynotes
  • Breakout sessions
  • Panel discussions and interviews
  • Fire-side chats
  • Ranger sharing sessions
There will also be an Interactive Marketplace which will run over the full 3 days of the Forum. The Marketplace will serve as a hub for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among organisations committed to empowering First Nations communities in their stewardship of land and water resources. We are seeking expressions of interest from a diverse range of organisations offering innovative solutions, resources, and support tailored to the needs of First Nations land and water managers. To register your expression of interest click here.

Delivered in conjunction with the Forum Dinner, the night market will be a place where local artisans can sell their products to the Forum delegates. If you are interests in this opportunity, please email events@33creative.com.au

It will be overseen by a First Nations Working Group, comprising of First Nations Indigenous Land and Water managers from across Australia, as well as a Forum Partner Group comprising of representatives from the partner organisations and Traditional Owners from Larrakia Country. The Traditional Owners will provide cultural guidance and local area knowledge. 

Artwork Name: Dangkal Gwo'yal-wa (Strong Country), 2024

Artist: Trent Bundirrik Lee

Dangkal Gwo’yal-wa depicts the wise owl with impeccable eyesight, keeping an eye on country, water ways and people – connecting us with our spiritual energy.

The background acknowledges Lee’s Larrakia community and connection to Country through the interwoven pandanus mat, sitting on a dramatic gradient of sky hues linking all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Peoples.

The cross hatching on the owl shows all the rangers coming together and sharing regional knowledge. Lee has created a special acknowledgement of all mob travelling from Islands by the cross-hatching on the legs.

Through the use of the blue diamond markings on the wings, Lee expresses gratitude for the path of a ranger, and the choices made to look after, and connect with Country.

The four circles present the significant themes of the 2024 First Nations Land and Water Management Forum, supporting organisations to build capability and foster partnership while building understanding of First Nations land and water management priorities across the nation:

  • Learning from old ways (Culture)
  • Embracing the new ways (Technology)
  • Learning from each other (Collaboration) and
  • Looking forward to our future (Planning)
The feathers on top of owl show all rangers coming together, the most important aspect of the Forum, the choices made to become a ranger, and nurture a strong Country. 

Artist biography

Trent is a Larrakia artist who has spent a lifetime learning from his father and family to paint, carve and tell the stories of his people. At around 7 years of age, he was taught by his father to paint in his traditional method. As his skills progressed, he learnt how to carve, creating cultural artefacts, tools, spears, boomerangs and other carving like birds, turtles and stingrays just to name a few.

His craft has continued to evolve, and you can see his creations on surfboards, footballs, records, and has created street art. He has been involved in Darwin Street Art Festival, created murals for recreational centres, commission by AFL team Gold Coast Suns, Governor Generals offices, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT), Head4Health, Santos and City to Surf.

Trent has crafted canoes, the largest being 6 meters long, for Northern Land Council with his uncle. He had the privilege of creating the walking path stickers for the Bruce Monroe Tropical lights and created the 40 magpie geese art installation on the lawns of Browns Mart in the Darwin city.

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